About the protocol

The Holistic Security Protocol for Human Rights Defenders (the Defender’s Protocol) helps us advance our physical safety, digital security, and wellbeing and resilience. By following the Protocol, we enhance our individual and collective security, and can reduce the burden of attacks, harassment, and censorship on us and our communities.

The Defender's Protocol was created by Open Briefing and made possible thanks to the support of the National Endowment for Democracy, Ford Foundation, and Oak Foundation.

The Defender’s Protocol is based on Open Briefing’s experiences working with at-risk defenders all over the world; however, there will be important local differences that cannot be reflected in universal guidance, and you should adapt the Protocol to suit your situation, work, and profile.

About Open Briefing

We want a world in which rights are realised and people are free. But civil society and civic space are under serious threat from attacks, harassment and censorship.

Open Briefing is a vital part of the response. We defend, strengthen and empower those on the frontlines of civil society by keeping them and their partners safe and secure, both online and in the real world.

Our international team provides high-impact training, consultancy and resources across safety and security, digital security, and wellbeing and resilience.

Since 2011, we have supported a wide range of social change agents around the world, from multinational humanitarian agencies working in violent environments to small human rights groups and individual environmental defenders and LGBT+ activists living under repression and surveillance.